Book now to collect your century of memories at the Centennial Weekend

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Make sure you order a copy of the official history of Hawera High’s first 100 years when you register to attend the Centennial Weekend, running October 25-27 this year.

Called Hawera High School - Standing Strong for 100 Years, this more-than-100-page history of the school includes stories of notable identities over the past century.

These characters range from Okaiawa boy Hiwi Tauroa, a former pupil and teacher, who went on to become a ground-breaking Race Relations Conciliator and Maori education trailblazer, to Thomas Monckton, the “class clown” from Patea who now travels the world as an award-winning professional clown.

The Standing Strong for 100 Years book, which is currently at the printers, has been put together by Wendy Armstrong, who retired as deputy principal of Hawera High School in 2016, after 41 years of teaching at the school.

You can pre-book your copy of Standing Strong, which costs $25, in the Souvenirs section of the EventBrite website, when you register to attend the Centennial. As well as the Centennial book, other items of Centennial “merch” available through EventBrite include a polo shirt ($45), stationery ($12-18), glasses ($12), an umbrella ($20) and a metal key ring ($12).

If you want a copy of Hawera High School - Standing Strong for 100 Years but have already registered to attend the Centennial - or are unable to attend - you can reserve a copy by emailing your order, including your contact details, to the Hawera High School Centennial Committee at That will ensure you have a copy to buy during the Centennial or can make delivery arrangements.


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